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CAPPATILLAR is the bass music project of George Clayton Parker. George has been a drummer since the age of ten, which can be sensed from his music’s hard-hitting drums and rhythmic melodies. The name was conceived when one his best friends, Lynlee Walters, asked what his stage name would be for his new project. Without thought, he just said ‘CAPPATILLAR.’ Since then, it has grown to have a lot more meaning than a silly name. Caterpillars are always in a state of growth, on their way to becoming a beautiful butterfly. It is this same sense of growth that George puts into his music, always wanting to push the boundaries, try something new. The mispronunciation of the word lends to the idea of having a child-like innocence and wonder in the creation of his music. Come to a show and become a beautiful Flutterby! 

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