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I'm Holley Rumbarger.


I was born into this world to play music, but more locationally, I was born in the south. My roots in

music link back to a rusty 1984 Jeep Grand Cherokee, a couple of Alison Krauss CDs, perhaps

a gas station frozen coke paired with some boiled peanuts, and the Mississippi sun dancing

through the windows into the back seat.


I like to think my music defines my experiences in love and life in the deep south but knows no

true genre. Perhaps something akin to folk or Americana. But I dabble in a cornucopia of sound,

not limited to country or pop, soul or rock. My original music is intrinsically personal and

ever-adaptive. Illustrative and illuminative of my life, love, losses, and lessons.


I have a lifetime of singing experience, having come into the world wailing in 1992, as my mother

said (and as some would say, never stopped), but in recent years felt a calling to stringed

instruments, specifically guitar and mandolin.


My life, like yours, is a journey; which, to me, would seem meaningless without song.

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